An inspiring and intimate brand building workshop

17th March 2021
10-11:30am GMT

Helping you find the clarity and magic within your business and bringing you the confidence and excitement to give your business the character it deserves.

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A brand that reflects your vision and delights your people

If that’s what you’re reaching for then this workshop is definitely for you.

Whether you’re a new business or a seasoned entrepreneur – we all need to be clear on what our business offers, who we serve and what differentiates us from the rest. Finding that clarity can be an overwhelming process without the right direction and help.

We’ll spend a powerful 90 minutes working through the questions needed to bring the answers you’ve been looking for. There will be plenty of game-changing moments leaving you inspired for the next steps for your brand, whatever they may be.

Who is it for?

Product or service based businesses. New businesses who want to get their brand right from the ‘get-go’ and existing businesses who are looking to bring growth and confidence through a more intentional brand.

What you’ll get

Huge insights into what it takes to bring more intention to your brand and how to get there. An inspirational space with a handful of like-minded business owners all looking to elevate their brands and an opportunity to pick my brains on how to approach your own brand challenges. You’ll also receive a package from me in the post, including my tried and tested brand workbook.

What you’ll really get

You’ll leave the workshop feeling inspired and confident. Giving you the direction needed to have fun with your visual brand identity whether that be self-designed or briefing a designer to bring it to life for you. It’ll feel pretty bloody magical and the results that will follow should be even more spectacular.

It’s time to better your brand

Vision led businesses create a culture that captures the imagination of employees, clients and suppliers – everyone instinctively understands and invests in that vision. It’s the kind of direction that drives everything, and the results that follow.

January is the perfect reset. Step away from your day-to-day and the distractions that come with it – give your business the time and focus it deserves. Define, refine, or even rediscover your vision depending on where you are ‘in business’ and let’s work together to bring more intention to your brand.

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Kate consistently delighted with her incisive vision and ability to find the clarity and magic within a brand.


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Your host

Forming the strategic foundations is the most influential and crucial part of building any brand no matter how big or small your vision is. I’ve seen first hand the lightbulb moments that this exact process brings and I think it’s incredibly hard to reach that point of crystal clearness on your own, especially once you’re in the throws of running your own businesses.

So here I am, ready to offer my first online workshop sharing in my wealth of experience and knowledge gained from over ten years of building brands with business owners just like you.  I really hope you’ll be part of it – you definitely should be if you’ve made it this far.

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Creating a brand is an art, it takes imagination, ingenuity, and heart. Kate has these and so much more.


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How to book

You can book your spot via Ticket Tailor just follow the link below – ticket price is £125 per business, feel free to have multiple team members attend if you think it would be valuable. I’m limiting places to six businesses to keep it intimate but we’re not limited by location as it’s an online session. The workshop will be recorded and emailed to you afterwards.

I can’t wait to start this process with you, it’s going to be a fun one. Any questions you know where I am.

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