Wholesome, unassuming, enchanting

Breen is an exciting new hotel opening on the edge of one of Norway’s most majestic Fjords. Guests will be immersed in the wonder of this incredible location whilst indulging in world-class facilities.

Owners Astrid and Felman wanted to create a luxury hotel brand with wellbeing at it’s heart. They want to give their guests the chance to escape, rest and rejuvenate whilst being nourished and nurtured.  This is a hotel for active, health-conscious clients who lead busy, stressful, successful lives and are looking for a place to totally rejuvenate in style.

This brief was one of three briefs carried out as part of The Brand Stylist Elevate programme for Brand Designers. The briefs are fictional but the work and the process used to create them is most definitely real.

Continual creative enrichment and personal growth are incredibly important to me which is why you’ll often find me signing up to a new course, adding to my stash of books or taking on a personal project – It’s all part of what fuels my creativity. This particular course was incredible, it’s amazing the growth and confidence that comes from the creative direction from another creative professional!

The thought behind it all is exquisite.

– Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist

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