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Childhood friends, Kim and Nat are both successful wellness bloggers who, very early in life, figured out the tangible connection between what they put in their bodies and how it made them feel. They believe that any harmful substance, such as alcohol, that enters the body actually disconnects us further from our true selves.

Forever disappointed with the choice of non-alcoholic drinks behind the bar, they’ve crafted their own range of alcohol-free aperitifs – full of flavour and positively good for you. They’re proud to introduce a new and exciting drink that can finally match their zest for life – Esperanza.

This brief was one of three briefs carried out as part of The Brand Stylist Elevate programme for Brand Designers. The briefs are fictional but the work and the process used to create them is most definitely real.

Continual creative enrichment and personal growth are incredibly important to me which is why you’ll often find me signing up to a new course, adding to my stash of books or taking on a personal project – It’s all part of what fuels my creativity. This particular course was incredible, it’s amazing the growth and confidence that comes from the creative direction from another creative professional!

Your thinking is so strong, it’s so inspiring!

– Fiona Humberstone, The Brand Stylist

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