Empowering, confident, simple

Recently named by Stylist magazine as one of their ‘top eco period brands’ Wear ‘em Out are changing the reputation of re-usable period pads and empowering women to make the switch from disposables. All in the name of reducing landfill waste and the impact these products have on our bodies and the planet.

So many people talk to me about this project and I love that Lauren is working hard to shake the unnecessary taboos around periods – it’s working Lauren, you’re getting people talking. She’s full of purpose and passion, what more could I ask for in a client?

Lauren needed a brand identity that appealed to the masses and made re-useable period pads more desirable – think less mother earth and more modern woman. A brand that would appeal to conscious individuals looking to make small, but positive, switches in their lifestyles. We worked together on the brand strategy, brand identity, web design, packaging, tone of voice, event material, marketing material and everything in-between. It’s been a long time coming for Lauren and I’ve loved sharing this journey with her. Lauren’s aim is to be the first re-useable period pad stocked in Boots nationwide and I can’t wait to see it stocked on those shelves…

I love it Kate. It’s bloody inspired!

– Lauren, Wear ’em Out

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